A part from, what we have mentioned, in the main website,we make it clear that, RETC is an independent autonomous institution.We impart mainly computer education and other job oriented programmes,keeping the standard provided by other approved similar institutions.We issue certificate at our own label and status.

The RETC has not received any grant in aid, either from the state or central govt or any other such financial organization.Therefore the RETC opted to operate independently.

Under Human Right Protection Act 1993, autonomous body,has been given special protection and consideration.According J P Unni Krishnan Vs govt of Andra Pradesh,AIR 1993, Supreme Court 2178, verdict,voluntary organization like Trust/ Society etc have right, to spread education and issue certificates for Degrees/ Diplomas.As such RETC issues certifications for Diploma and Certificates only to the aspirant students either on completion of the course or based on one's practical knowledge and experience, he has on the appropriate field, subject to certain conditions laid down for that purpose. ie a Test/Examination etc.