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Message from our President

Dear Visitor,

       First of all, we express our hearty welcome in visiting our RETC website for getting more information about us and different services we had. By visiting this site you have also become a part of RETC family of well-wishers, we are also confident that you will be benefited with any of the services we had in future also.

      The growth of IT related jobs in coming years will be increasingly attract those aspirants who have wide knowledge in theory and practical applications on computer related subjects with a valid certification either from the government ;level of corporate level, as an added advantage is a fact. Viewing all these points we opened new channels of educational service in IT field such as government courses, government approved courses and job oriented computer courses and governments sponsored training/seminar programmes etc. enabling the students to choose any profession or business at their choices and self equipped for a particular career, he/she expects.

     If you go through the relevant pages in this site, you will understand, the various factors including the services such as computer education, consumer help, placement assistance, career consultations, etc. which you were searching with out getting a final solution in the related matter of your day today life.

      Our site will also help you in all matters, related to the above subjects, and be proud of becoming a student/participant in our different courses and programmes initiated by us.

We express our thanks to you, on visiting our website. Hoping that our website will be visited in future also when ever you need.


Thanks & Regards


Sivadas V.

(President / Principal)





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